2012 Sapporo Summer Platform

Much like the previous year, the goal was to create a 360 degree program that will allow retailers to get excited and expand the number of case displays, while maintaining a relevant creative appeal to our target consumer. After identifying the perfect creative partner and subcultural component, the following program was developed and utilized as the Sapporo summer platform.

All aspects of the project were developed on a very conservative budget. This requires very resourceful content development and very strategic digital spending.

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Additional digital content Creation . Lo-fi filmed and cut together by myself.

Bourne Identity Pitch
This concept helped Moosylvania win digital agency of record for Universal Entertainment DVD release.

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Moose Holiday Promotion
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Ross & Baruzzini
Revised site and revised perception, work in progress.

BattleShip DVD Launch

Fast Five DVD Launch
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2009 Bacardi E-Commerce

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