The following projects showcase the range of tactics and executions for 360° clients. As a full service creative, I work to develop above the line, below the line, on-premise, off-premise, branding, and digital executions through out a fiscal year.

Chinese Market TV Spots

Brand Consistency
In 2011, I led the team set to unify all of Sapporo USA's portfolio packaging. Before this revision, the brands portfolio had been inconsistent, causing confusion to consumers.

2012 Advertising
In 2012, Sapporo's new packaging was released. In 2012, Sapporo's new packaging was released. This created excitement for the brand team, and they wanted the year's advertising campaign to evolve to a product focused approach that highlights their new consistent packaging.

Sapporo Chopsticks Challenge Program
My team and I developed an on-premise
series of chopstick challenges. These challenges translated to a very "tongue in cheek" Facebook game. In a Japanese game show-style, the application trains the user to become a chopsticks master by stacking the bottle caps. Players can post scores to Facebook and challenge other Facebook chopstick masters.

Facebook Digital game. View/Play

On-Premise activation

Sapporo Robot Program
For an on-premise social activation, we created Japanese-style fighting robots. They were loosely based on vintage Japanese robots and monster movies. The robots' bodies were based on the brand's heroic stainless steel can. These robots were used to develop social brand awareness.

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