My creative team and I worked to develop the 360º Sapporo Summer Program. Sapporo is embracing creativity and craftsmanship. Targeting the creative community of 25 to 35 year-olds, we turned to a relevant nostalgic subculture that is appreciated by a creative audience. We built a entire program that involved online social engagement through blogs and other gorilla tactics to seize Sapporo's new target consumer.

This summer platform managed to secure larger off-premise displays and vastly expand Sapporo reach to a new target consumer. This program, in combination with our 360 efforts to change perception of Sapporo throughout its target markets, helped increase year end sales by 12%.

Working with Moto-Matic Mopeds in Sacramento, we developed a 1970's style top-tank moped. Combining the general aesthetic of Sapporo with Moto-Matic's vintage custom moped experience, we created the Sapporo Moped. We began collaborating with photoshop comps and moved into actual fabrication over the period of about a month. We finally landed on the following as our final product.

The following videos were assembled and distributed online. These videos and their sharing components became the driving force to the Sapporo Facebook Promotion. Shortly after being released, both videos began circulating on blogs and throughout social media. Both videos were shot and edited by myself in a Lo-Fi, yet effective format.

In addition to creating awareness, the documentary and lifestyle videos spotlight Sapporo as a creative advocate, thus relating Sapporo to the creative professional.

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The following are miscellaneous pieces designed for the 360º marketing promotion, as well as samples from the promotional Facebook page. Our Facebook tab hosted the photography contest.

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This program also allowed Sapporo to be granted large footprints of floor space in the off-premise environment. Sapporo gained larger displays and sold more cases from utilizing the moped as a sought after display piece.

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