Sapporo needed to attract the attention of the non-traditional beer drinker in the United States: Someone who is willing to enjoy a Japanese beer outside of traditional Sushi occasions. This goal would be accomplished by appealing to "Creative Professionals" and "Creative Trend Setters" in key markets, and using non-traditional beer tactics to grab their attention.

This particular program also needed to serve as a 360° program, boost sales, and secure bigger on-premise floor displays.

To reach this newly defined target, we needed to establish ourselves as advocates of creativity. By creating a story for the brand and building something very cool to strive towards, we would connect with our consumer.

I began searching for the best creative partner to help us check all of the boxes. Soon enough, I found Moto-Matic Mopeds, an independent creative group doing something unique enough to be the perfect fit. Down the road, our custom-made Sapporo moped proved to be a huge success.

Working with the limitations of the budget and the need for additional content was a challenge I graciously accepted. Without the ability to hire a film crew and editors, I personally traveled to Sacramento to spend a few days with the guys at Moto-Matic and document their process using my own 60d. After returning and assembling the content, we strategically circulated it within the creative community. Our video began to spread organically, picking up steam and becoming the primary point of entry and number one driver to the summer promotion.

To further push our exposure, we took the moped to Nashville for a 500 person moped rally. In a low-fi manner, we shot and collected footage to assemble a quick promotional mood video to get the thriving moped community talking about this amazing custom creation.

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The promotion ran in all market channels and we managed to boost sales by 12%.

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The program also granted Sapporo large footprints of floor space in the off-premise environment. Sapporo gained larger displays and sold more cases from utilizing the moped as a sought after display piece.

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