In 2010, Sapporo commissioned us to change the United States' perception of their brand. Targeting creative professionals age 25 to 35, we explored a variety of campaigns to move beyond the Japanese beer's previous American association, which was almost purely with sushi bars.

The following samples are taken from the campaign chosen to run in the United states. Also included are the other campaigns pitched to Sapporo by my team.

Tradition: Sapporo invites you to try another Japanese tradition.

CD: Self
AD: Jake Houvenagle
Writer: Mike Wienke
Photographer: Brian Cummings

The next slides are other concepts that were pitched by my team before landing on Tradition as the national ad campaign.

Brewed to Inspire: Sapporo advocates relevant Japanese-American Contemporary artists in an advertising sponsorship.

CD: Self
AD/Designer: Self
Writer: Eric Flinn

The Big One: Product-focused ads celebrate the authentic oversized stainless steel can: virtually indestructible.

CD: Self
AD/Designer: Self
Writer: Eric Flinn

Sapporo Reinvented: Sapporo takes inspiration from current Japanese advertising and visually translates the elements into artistic renders, also inspired by Japanese Pop Culture illustration.

CD: Self
AD/Designer: Ryan Doggendorf
Writer: Mike Wienke

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